Be Strange & Unusual

Creating artwork and making things with my hands has always been apart of my life, some of my first memories were of looking at illustrated dictionarys & encyclopedias. (Not to mention watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on loop) Those passions have lead me into mechanical engineering and being an artist with a darker twist. My hope is to inspire others to persue their creative curiosities and bring joy with my art.


FAQ List:

What do the parts look like?

The parts for the Papercrafting Kits come fully cut out, marked with which type of fold line (Solid for "Mountain" folds & Dashed for "Valley" folds), all parts' fold lines are also scored.
(An Image of the actual parts will be inserted here soon!)

What do you mean by scored edges?

To make a more crisp and easier fold, by running a blunted tip along the paper and compressing it down slightly, it allows the paper to fold with little to no "cracking" along the folded edges.

Why are the folding line marks not on the score, where should I actually fold the part?

Some times the head of the machine used to make all of the parts shifts and causes it to draw the fold lines slightly off from the score lines. PLEASE ALWAYS FOLD ON THE SCORE LINE!!!

What glue should I use for the Papercrafting Kits?

I highly recommend a standard superglue, my go-to glue is Gorilla Superglue with the brush, the gel type glues tend to take longer to set. There are some places online that say you could use a double sided tape or Elmer's glue, but those are water-based and are more likely to peel apart over time. The first dragon assembled in the studio is named Riply and was glued together using Gorilla gel superglue and Gorilla standard superglue. The parts with the gel have slowly warped since it was built in 2017, but the standard superglue is still holding up strong!

Why don't the Papercrafting Kits come with glue?

Due to shipping regulations & restrictions, especially over seas, all shipping providers don't allow to have liquids sent through the mail. That and some people are allergic to the chemicals used in superglue and just want to avoid that issue all together!

What happens if the assembly book gets lost or "Eaten by the dog"?

Please don't panic! I have all of the digital pdf's of the assembly kits and am more than happy to provide them. Not to mention, the access code provided for the online assembly kits show the parts' edge numbers (with the red number indicating the suggested first blued edge of the parts). If something does genuinely try to eat the booklet provided, there are staples that bind the paper together and really shouldn't get ingested!

What if I don't like the color of the paper parts?

This will tend to happen from time to time, the screens used to display the colors can differ quite abit and there's not really a way to fix that. I am more than happy to help though! There will be a small fee for the cost of materials & shipping to replace the parts with the new color.
Please note that it is also my right to refuse service. (Looking at you Karen)