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Dragon Wings Paper Crafting Kit

Dragon Wings Paper Crafting Kit

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Dragons are among the most popular and enduring of the world's mythological creatures. And it's not hard to see why!

These Dragon Wings are backdrop ready and would make a great addition with other décor pieces, if not a great spot to take some unique photos. 

These Papercraft Kits are made from high quality colored cardstock and are cut & pre-scored for easy assembly. All that is required to put these together is time and some superglue!

  • Customize Areas: Main Wing Supports | Inner Wing Supports | Wing Claws 
  • Lair Size:
         Each Wing: 
    20.47" x 29.13" x 10.63" | 52.0 cm x 74.0 cm x 27.0 cm
  • Dungeness Size:
         Each Wing: 29.78" x 42.38" x 15.46" | 75.6 cm x 104.6 cm x 39.2 cm
  • Color Options: See Listing Names, Please note that color may vary from color displayed.
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