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GiggleBee - Sticker

GiggleBee - Sticker

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Inspired by the overwhelming support from the Tiktok Art Community. This lovely bee represents how hard working those artists are! If you are looking to have an inspiration to keep working hard, this is the buzzy sticker for you.
The Large size measures out to - 4.2 in x 3.4 in
The Small size measure out to - 3.1 in x 2.6 in

The available mediums are the following:

Semi-Gloss - This is a thicker, scratch resistant stock with a satin/semi-glossy sheen

Glossy - A premium & thick stock with a glossy protectant film.

Matte Vinyl - A high quality stock that is scratch resistant, waterproof with a impressive hold on what ever surface you stick it to. 

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