A couple years ago after scouring thru the depths of the internet for some cool decor for our DnD gaming room, we found the amazing designs from Gurko Studios. After creating two dragons on my own, it inspired me to get back into all of the forms of art that I did from my youth. Starting off small with drawing & linework, then finally creating social media accounts. By posting about the projects made in the studio here people began to notice Ripley, the Fire Dragon that started it all! Through the amazing encouragement from the supporters on Instagram & Tiktok, I finally decided to take the plunge and begin selling my own art! So far it has been an awesome experience and have even been able to work with Ilyad Gurko from Gurko Studios, the author of the Fire Dragon (and much more). Currently, I am drawing art illustrations, making kits for others to explore papercrafting, and now am learning how to design my own 3D models for even more possibilities!