Be Strange & Unusual

Creating artwork and making things with my hands has always been apart of my life, some of my first memories were of looking at illustrated dictionarys & encyclopedias. (Not to mention watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on loop) Those passions have lead me into mechanical engineering and being an artist with a darker twist. My hope is to inspire others to persue their creative curiosities and bring joy with my art.

Finishing Options

There is such a wide variety of services and options to choose from, some of the most common options are listed below.
 Name /per Cost
3-Hole Punch Sheet $0.20
Half Fold Sheet $0.10
Brochure Fold Sheet $0.10
Hand Trim Cut $1.00
Rounded Corner Corner $0.10
Stapling Packet $0.20
Booklet Staple Booklet $0.40