Bad Dice Engraved Dice Jail & Random 7-Piece Set of Dice

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Do you have a player that asks for rerolls because the dice rolled onto the floor or bounced off a book?

The dice jail could be used to contain the unlucky beasties, or be used to hold a 'magic' reroll dice that the players have to unlock by engaging in some rewarding roleplaying first. Once opened, the 'magic' die can be used one time, whenever a player decides, before being returned to jail.

Keep misbehaving dice out of trouble. Buy multiple and give to each of the players in your game group - they will laugh about it and throw their misbehaving dice in their jail.

Package Includes:
1 - Dice Jail(Comes with pieces, easily assemble with detailed instructions)
1 - Standard-sized D&D dice set