Condition Rings & Magic Book Storage - 96 Piece Set

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One of the great challenges of playing and DMing Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games is keeping track of it all... 

Condition rings are a simple but effective way of eliminating the confusion and making your battlefield conditions not only easier to manage but helping both players and dungeon master's alike to avoid troublesome 'I forgot that' moments that break your immersion.

This upgraded Dungeon Master Kit is compatible with 5E and includes all of the standard conditions listed in the Player's Handbook as well as markers for Concentration. This set also includes several extras for spells and non-condition effects like Raging, Hunter's Mark, Hex and so on.

This set includes 96 Condition Markers:

4 x Blinded
4 x Charmed
4 x Concentration
4 x Deafened
4 x Exhausted
4 x Frightened
4 x Grappled
4 x Incapacitated
4 x Invisible
4 x Paralyzed
4 x Petrified
4 x Poisoned
4 x Prone
4 x Restrained
4 x Stunned
4 x Unconscious
4 x Hex
4 x Hunter's Mark
4 x Bane
4 x Banished
4 x Blessed
4 x Cursed
4 x Raging
4 x Faerie Fire
1 x 24 Slots Storage Box in Magic Book Design (At a glance and quick selection)

Simply slip the markers over your miniatures and all the information is on the battlefield for all to see! Excellent addition to your D&D campaign!